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Thur  12-6: 6:00

Fri 12/7: 5:00 & 7:45

Sat-Sun 12/8-12/9: 12:15-2:45 -5:15-7:45

Mon-Thurs 12/10 to 12/13: 6:00

Dunellen Cinema Cafe

dunellentheaterphoto-351x258 (2)In May of 1920 the Dunellen Theater broke ground. It has under gone many changes since then. Richard Zupko and his wife Pam purchased the theater in 1989 from Gild Luca who’s family had it for many years. Richie grew up in this town and wanted a place where families could go on the weekend for great food and entertainment. His idea was to remove every other row of seating and replace them with coffee tables. After redoing the theater’s bathrooms, lobby and concession stand and restoring what hecould to maintain the “old theater” look and feel, he reopened again in 1999.

At first it was used for a variety of different things such as comedy shows, concerts, and plays but movies did the best. That’s when Richie’s vision of the Cinema Cafe took off into something very special and unique. To keep the Cinema Café a family atmosphere, we now show mostly family oriented and children’s movies. Families can come enjoy dinner and a movie simultaneously at a very reasonable cost.

What others say about us

Gabrielle Noepel

We had my daughter’s 8th birthday here and it was fantastic! Staff were attentive and made sure everything ran smoothly. The kids had a great time. Thank you for a fun day!

Gabrielle Noepel
Denise Webster

Great (2nd time) experience for a grand”Pa” and his six y.o. grandson. Prissy people complaining about the environment and accommodations are really fussy. If an old guy like me can tolerate the seats and (enjoy the) kids having a family night out, I’d suggest the negative reviewers search for an upscale theater. We drove 45 minutes to have a good time and hope to return in the future.

Denise WebsterMedia Wiki
Nicole Perrini

Love it,love it,love it.I have been going there for about 40 years .Now my grand kids go and love it.

Nicole Perrini
Tim Johnson

Terrific place. You can have anything from Zupko’s menu, the tavern next door. A pitcher of Yuengling is around $6. Great value.

Tim Johnson